Race Wiring Seminars at PRI!!

Please join us  at the PRI Show for a FREE seminar discussing  the best practices when wiring your racecar as well as the Do’s and Don’ts and the “Myths” out there about racecar wiring. The seminars are at 12:00PM each day at the 2019 PRI Show. All three days will be hosted by John Zizza, Owner of Auto-Rod Controls and Rich Concato, Owner of Concato Racing Custom Racecar Wiring. John Zizza has been the owner of Auto-Rod Controls for over 40 years and Rich Concato has owned Concato Racing for nearly 20 years and has wired 150+ cars.

Seminar Schedule

  • Thursday – Room 236 at 12:00PM
  • Friday – Room 245 at 12:00PM
  • Saturday – Room 245 at 12:00PM

These seminars are NOT sales pitches for either company rather an informative session about racecar wiring.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Rich Concato
John Zizza