About Us

Concato Racing started racing cars in 1994. Racing just about anything we could in the bracket racing program at Raceway Park, in Englishtown, NJ. We began to look to the future. At the time, we decided that the best approach would be to start with a slower street/race car and then move up as we could. At the time Rob Concato started working on the cars as our Crew Chief and Rich Concato handled all the driving. This is still the same we do it today almost 15 years later!


In 1995 we purchased a 1989 Camaro we continually modified until it became one of the fastest production cars in the country with stock components. It’s best run was 12.70 @ 106 MPH. The chassis in the car started to develop fatigue problems and at the end of 1996 we decided to part the car out and start looking for a new car.


We then purchased a 1966 Chevelle and began running Super Pro with it in 1996. The car had many problems initially, but we bought it as a used car and had to deal with it. The car started coming around and doing very well at the end of 1996. 1997 proved to be more of the same. At the end of the 1997 season, we started looking to go a little faster therefore we decided to sell the Chevelle.

We purchased a used 1981 Camaro which was a match race car and was very fast. We tore the car apart from top to bottom and redid every part of. In 1998 we debuted a 1981 Camaro running 8.50’s @ 163. Shortly after finishing the car and racing, we were forced to park the car due to certification issues.


Later that year we ordered a 2000 Camaro new from Chassis Specialties in Blairstown, NJ. This car was a purpose built Pro Stock legal 2000 Camaro. Soon after ordering the car we decided to move to a Small Block program instead of the Big Blocks we had been running. In 2001 we debuted the new car in NHRA Competition Eliminator. The car ran B-Econo-altered (B/EA) for the next 4 years. In that time we progressively learned and got faster with every week. At one point in 2002, we were the fastest B/EA car in the country running 8.02 @ 166MPH with a 323 CID Small Block Chevy in the car.

In 2004 the car was outfitted with a newer sleeker 2003 Camaro body and a new Tom Martino built 310 CID Small Block. While the landscape in Comp was changing dramatically we managed to run a 7.94 @ 168MPH that year. Soon after, the 2004 season ended, we opted to move out of comp due to the extreme financial burdens it was placing on us. The planned 2005 year off, quickly turned into a two year break from racing. Taking time to start families and the like, we decided to sell all the comp stuff and build a new bigger small block for the car to run in 2006.


2003 Englishtown Nationals 1st Round vs. Rob Slavinski
In late 2006 we brought the car back to the track with a new motor and the car ran very well. Since then it has been constantly getting just a little faster each time out. In 2009 the car was outfitted with the latest greatest Pro Stock technology throughout the drive train, and those upgrades proved to be well worth the cost as the car is running very well heading into the 2010 season.

In 1999 we started wiring our own cars primarily due to the fact that it we needed to save money where we could. We have been wiring our own cars since then. Somewhere along the line I started to wire cars for other people as well. Since 2005, I have wired many cars, from dragsters to street cars and everything in between. In 2008 we built a 1000 sq/ft race shop in Manalapan, NJ, this is where we race out of now. It is a fully outfitted shop that is capable of handling any work we need to do to either of our cars!

Most of the time work can be done at your shop, depending on your proximity to NJ. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.