In 1998, Concato Racing started using Auto-Rod Controls. After using their 3701 Rocker Panel in our own car we soon decided to use Auto-Rod Controls for all of the new installs done on cars. Since then we have wired nearly 150 cars and almost every one of them have left Concato Racing with Auto-Rod Controls components installed. We have also sold hundreds more of their systems to racers all over the US.

There is a very simple reason for this. Auto-Rod Controls sells the BEST Race Car Electrical System on the market hands down. They us the highest quality components available and offer many features that most other companies haven’t even thought about. By using the highest quality components, they proudly offer the only LIFETIME warranty in racing. That’s right lifetime. For the money, there is no better system available, period!

Auto-Rod Controls has been making Race Car Electrical systems for almost 42 years and in those years, they have developed many cutting-edge products that have stood the test of time. Their latest innovations are their new Pro Mod style Switch Panels and their Oil Pressure Control systems.

This unit features a programmable, backlit full system kill switch. This new system is also offered with Oil Pressure Control. If your car loses oil pressure at any point, the system will automatically shut the car down. This is a great safety feature. This system also allows EFI cars to start up right away by temporarily bypassing the ECU Oil Pressure Condition for 5 seconds allowing your car to start right up!

Concato Racing LLC is a Certified Installer/Reseller for ALL Auto-Rod Controls Products. Call us today to discuss your project!