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Welcome to Concato Racing Custom Race Car Wiring. Whether you race a street car or a Pro Stock/Top Sportsman car we are your electrical source! From individual component wiring and parts sales to brand new race car harnesses, we can get you set up and ready to go racing with a top quality professionally designed and installed wiring harness for your car. Our harnesses are built on an individual basis so that it will be tailor made to fit your car and your car only!!

Have you ever had a problem with your race car’s electrical system?

The answer is most likely yes to this question, but surprisingly the wiring in a race car is one of the most over looked and least understood systems in any race car. Many people buy a used car and figure that if it ran before they bought it that the wiring must be fine. We all buy the best fuelk system we can get or the best engine we can get don’t we? The fact is that without a good working electrical system in your car you could very well cause a lot of damage to many of the expensive components in your race car.

If your electrical system in your car is not capable of supplying all the components in your car with the necessary voltage/amperage that they need, you will not only sacrifice performance, but you will leave the door open for parts damage as well! Today high energy ignitions are crucial to an engines performance. As ignition systems advance in their capabilities they will also require more than just “normal” power.At Concato Racing, we understand how today’s high end racing electronics work and how they need to be wired into a race car to ensure PROPER functionality and maximum performance!

Be it a switch panel installation, or a delay box installation all the way to a full car wiring harness, Concato Racing Custom Wiring can meet and exceed all of you race car wiring needs. We deal with only the best suppliers for all of our components, including ARC panels, Biondo Racing Products, and MSD ignition components.

We are adding to this site every day as it gets started, feel free, to browse and see how we can help you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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