Our Services

Concato Racing Custom Race Car Wiring specializes in designing and building wiring harnesses for all classes of Drag Racing. Our harnesses are not pre built, rather they are built in the car to ensure a custom fit. Our harnesses look much simpler than our competitors, but there is a reason for that.


We have all been forced to look through our wiring at a race for some reason or another and if the harness in the car is too complicated you will never be able to find what you are looking for in a hurry.

Additionally, the wiring harness can add a significant amount of weight to a car. Depending on your class, you might not be able to afford to carry excess weight around. For this simple reason, our harnesses are well thought out and designed to ensure the lowest amount of weight added to your car yet retain all functionality!!

Our wiring is all done with top grade wire using heat shrink wrapped crimped connectors. All battery cables are soldered and then heat shrunk. All runs are one piece of wire from the switch to the accessory to ensure good connections throughout!

Check out our Gallery for installation pictures!

Our services include but are NOT limited to:

  • Full car harnesses
  • Switch Panels
  • Ignition (Standard and Digital)
  • Instrumentation
  • Fans, Water Pumps, Fuel Pumps
  • Delay Boxes/Timers
  • Shock Controllers
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Battery Cable
  • Nitrous Oxide Systems
  • And anything else you may need.

When the need arises, we also do Street Car wiring as well. Using the same techniques and custom mad components your street car will run and work like it did when it came out of the factory with the added confidence of a brand new wiring harness. Please call or email us for information on street car wiring.