Pre Wired Electrical Panels


This new product takes all the guessing out of building an electronics panel for your Race Car. Through years of experience we offer C.A.D. designed panels built for your car and for all the electronics that need to be mounted. These panels are designed to fit your car and allow you to have one panel with ALL of your components mounted to it! All we need is a list of your components and the type of car you have. If we don’t have your panel on file then get us the measurements and we will design one for you! If you do not have the components you need we can supply them as part of the job and you can receive your panel cut, assembled, and ready to install.

These panels can also be ordered pre wired. We will wire the panel as far as we can and then you will have to install it in your car and terminate all the wires accordingly with the custom instructions provided.

The panels are Designed in AutoCAD and cut by Waterjet for a nice clean smooth finish. The panels can be cut from a wide variety of materials including Aluminum, Lexan, and Carbon Fiber. We have an extensive library of panels that fit in many different cars. If we do not have one for your car we can design one custom for your car. The panels are designed to be lightweight yet rigid enough to allow the mounting of all components. We remove the material below the components to keep them as light as possible as well.

Due to the custom nature of these products, pricing is only available on a per job basis. Panel pricing depends on the size, cut complexity, material, and finish. We offer a wide variety of finish options as well which include, Paint, Powder Coat, and Hydrodip.


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